40th Reunion Survey

It was great seeing everyone at our 40th Reunion. We would love to hear your feedback. If you'd like to participate, please continue. Your name will never be associated with your responses.

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out.

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1)   What did you like best about the two-day event.

2)   What did you like least about the two-day event.

3)   Are you able to devote five to six months to help plan our next reunion? Meetings would occur once or twice a month, along with performing your specific duties during your spare time.

Yes No
4)   * Please let us know if you have specific expertise in any of these areas to help with the next reunion.

  Computer Expertise
  Administrative Coordinator
  Computer Expertise
  Sales (secure venues and pricing)
  Sales (cold calling potential venues and securing prices)
  Errand Runner
  Desktop Publishing
  Skilled in Excel
  Skilled in Word
5)   Which of the following is your priority for the next reunion?

  Have a casual low cost reunion without programed events.
  Have a reunion with programmed events (such as the 40th).
6)   Is music important to you?

  It's okay, as long as I can hear people talking
  I love music, a DJ is great
  I'd love to have a band, even if I have to pay more
  I don't care to have music
7)   How many days would you prefer?

  One day is enough
  I like the two day reunion
  I'd rather it be longer, especially since I travel so far